Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deciding What Kind Of Boat Insurance Coverage You Need Depends On ...

Deciding what kind of boat insurance coverage you need depends on many variables. To start off, the type of insurance you need depends on what kind of boat you have.

Auto Insurance Claims

I was living in VA and gave my car for repairs and got a loner car in place for a couple of days. I had an accident with the loaner car which my insurance company covered after deductable.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bush Vetoes SCHIP Again: Denying Millions of Children Health Insurance

For the second time, our president has vetoed a bill that would have given health care to poor and uninsured children. There are 9.4 million children uninsured, and this number is UP by about 1 million from last year.

Australia Travel Insurance Direct

Australia. At this time maybe just 0.1% people in the world who didn't know about this continent. Since gain it's freedom from British Colony this continent well developed until this day.

Insurance - What's the Point?

So most of you have read about Kevin and his surgery that he had to have. We do have insurance through where he works. The insurance used to be awesome. They paid the way an insurance company should.

small boat insurance

We live in world that seems to require insurance for everything but probably the oldest type of cover is that surrounding sea going vessels or boat insurance.

Best Holiday Insurance Guide - Welcome!

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